keskiviikko 12. helmikuuta 2014

Moving to greater heights…päivitys

Vietän pari kolme migreenipäivää, sorry.
A couple of days delay due to migraine, sorry.

Finnish blogossphere is pretty dull for a foreigner.
If one has needs to read about local photography and specially about photojournalism, there are only one point five chances. The one and only, Kari Kuukka on the hilltop and the 0,5 is Pekka Potka who writes mostly about Olympus cams. They are in heights a normal blogger cannot reach, but one can at least try.
For a short moment only there are 2,5 bloggers writing in kitchenenglish or finglish.
And we all do it for You, invandrare ( oops, swedish) who wants to swim in the dark and murky waters of Finnish photojournalism.
English is my third foreign language, first come French then Swedish. Sometimes even Russian runs better than Hemingway´s tool. This sentence was a tool to collect understanding ;-) If I wrote this in French, no-one could participate in the kilpailu ( oops finnish) later announced in this text.
The very reason I write this  text in English is as follows. My lover "the Artist" and morning light of these dark days, had a small show opened in Helsinki. Cause I did not want to stay too long at vernissage, I strolled around some corners with my trusty D800 and did some street photography. It turned out so good, that I decided to try some teaching which is always a good thing. For me at least.
Ofcourse there are some more reasons I use finglish here.
One reason is my soulmate an co photographer Terry Donovan living in USA and at the moment standing in navel high snow.  Terry is having a deep change of life and I thought it could be nice to make his day with this blog. Love You pal!
Other reason is that nobody is brave enough to write any comments or participate in any way in comment section, anyways this is Finland where laws deny any conversation and public talking.  So I had in mind this slight idea that somebody could write now a comment other than "kiss my ass You lousy bitch"…which is the usual everyday hymn meaning - "good work Jore". See, we  finns like to be very strict when somebody makes a public  mistake. Now everybody has a chance to check for my mistakes of English grammar and spelling. 
Feel free to hunt for typos and errors my dear colleagues. 
He/she who finds the most,  gets a fine russian camera covered with Python skin.

Now I´ll open the pics in front of me and start making history of photography, reading out pics that`ll remain in yearbooks.-----later today my pals, this starter was a teaser………….

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