lauantai 25. lokakuuta 2014

Vaikka toisin pitäisi tehdä

I´m not so proud to announce that Helsingin Sanomat is forcing freelance journalists to limit by dictating the rules those poor photographers have to obey, to have a chance to shoot for this paper.
Even though our union FJU has asked us not to make any kind of agreements with Helsingin Sanomat, some still do. They sell their pictures to this paper which has caused photojournalism to kneel down.  Only those who sign agreements may work,  no question about the ability to shoot or substance of pictures.  I´m sorry to inform that Niklas Meltio is one of those who sells his pictures for Sanomat which is a very sad act to make. 
United we could stand and fight against publishers who care only about money.