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Moving to greater heights…päivitys 18.2. klo 18.05

OK..migraine is gone. I`ll make a fresh start with this one. 
The updated part lays between the pics, if You`ve already read this 
starting chapter, jump directly to pics.
Finnish blogossphere is pretty dull for a foreigner.
If one has needs to read about local photography and specially about photojournalism, there are only one point five chances. The one and only, Kari Kuukka on the hilltop and the 0,5 is Pekka Potka who writes mostly 
about Olympus cams. They are in heights a normal blogger cannot reach, but one can at least try.
For a short moment only there are 2,5 bloggers writing in kitchenenglish or finglish.
And we all do it for You, invandrare ( oops, swedish) who wants to swim in the dark and murky waters of Finnish photojournalism.
English is my third foreign language, first come French then Swedish. Sometimes even Russian runs better than Hemingway´s tool. This sentence was a tool to collect understanding ;-) If I wrote this in French, no-one  could participate in the kilpailu ( oops finnish) later announced in this text.
The very reason I write this  text in English is as follows. My lover "the Artist" and morning light of these dark days, had a small show opened in Helsinki. Cause I did not want to stay too long at vernissage, I strolled around some corners with my trusty D800 and did some street photography. It turned out so good, that I decided  to try some teaching which is always a good thing. For me at least.
Ofcourse there are some more reasons I use finglish here.One reason is my soulmate an co photographer Terry Donovan living in USA and at the moment standing in navel high snow.  Terry is having a deep change of life and I thought it could be nice to make his day with this blog. 
Love You pal!
Other reason is that nobody is brave enough to write any comments or participate in any way in comment section, anyways this is Finland where laws deny any conversation and public talking.  So I had in mind this slight idea that somebody could write now a comment other than "kiss my ass You lousy bitch"…which is the usual everyday hymn meaning - "good work Jore". See, we  finns like to be very strict when somebody makes a public  mistake. 
Now everybody has a chance to check for my mistakes of English grammar and spelling. Feel free to hunt for typos and errors my dear colleagues. 
He/she who finds the most,  gets a fine russian camera covered with Python skin.

I wrote all this cause most other blogists tell just that: " I took this picture with Nican FXRZD body,11,7 mm lens and F 4,7 and 1/17s using Youngnuo radio trigger unit and Manfrotto monopod" 
For me those specs mean nonsense.
Most of Finnish pros and amateurs are camera hobbyist so when they see words about visuals they stop
and go to fridge for beer. I´m though not explaining the pics throughly.
I just tell what triggered my shutter.
Here it´s the cord going right into the customer sitting on the barber´s stool.
The podium of stool is metallic and a strong contrast for leather boots. Cyborg city.

Then comes the 50% sale window and a table. Which is cut into half. If You get my meaning.
Not an easy one to make and this is just a bad visualization.
The joke was better if I could stand higher up. 
These are visual jokes that seldom work, but here I could not resist.
Anyways, this was not a paid gig.

Front wheel of a bike comes right outta wall. Cold red versus cold blue.
Organic form of little urban pond and snow plus harsh metallic form of bike just clash enough
for a picture.

The wooden dolls stand in the window of artist`s shop very near to a gaybar. 
Got the joke.
And hey, I´m totally liberal and free minded.
This was just funny considering the location.

So this is one sad picture. 
The other curvy form has to stay outside as the other luxurious may spread 
light in a warm and cosy window.

Then comes the Mazda, which is a Citroén. As You see- all pictures contain a contrast. 
That is missing in most contemporary photojournalistic pictures in the media.

Red toaster throws it´s colors at the opposite wall. Drug related?

Something red is flowing out from inside the house. 
Green and red. Opposites in color wheel.

The cross. Cold blue and cold yellow. 
As cold as religion is. Give us your money and have a piece of Jesus. 
Closer is theoretically warmer color anyway.

 I made a nude woman in Poser and paste her inside the car. 
So far nobody noticed though I showed this to ten people.

Someone is about to bite a chip. 
Action is just at the upper third and looks gross.
The chip is right in the midair about to be wasted.

Two forms, about the same but totally different. 
One light and it´s reflections, maybe ;-) Phalloses?
All these pictures are  about  comparing different elements inside the square format. 
That is the basic language of photojournalism.

 Good name of a company, but no lights.

And finally the reds. Two things, totally different uses. 
But in this small square with radiator --they tell a story about rainy and dirty city. 
No words needed.

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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Jee, alaston nainen bongattu. Jos olisin nähnyt vain ja ainoastaan kyseisen kuvan, en tiedä olisinko huomannut. Edelliset katsottuani osasin odottaa koukkua.
Puunukkekuvan jälkeen olisi ollut huippua nähdä kuva gaybaarista, jolloin yhtymäkohta olisi selvinnyt... ehkä. Toimi kyllä tekstilläkin. Mukavan näköinen kävelylenkki sulla ollut. Kiitti näistä!

Riku Peltonen

Jore Puusa kirjoitti...

Olepa hyvä!
Senverran sovinisti olen, että pudotin sporaan naisen, en miestä. Naiset nyt vaan on kauniinpia.
Sotsissa selostaja sanoi naisten lätkatsissa -että "nyt siellä seistään housut nilkoissa". Siitä nousi hirveä huuto naisväen kesken. Jos taas selostaja olisi sanonut saman miehistä, ei kukaan olisi korvaa lotkauttanut.
Valokuvaus on hauskaa, ehkä minusta tuleekin isona valokuvaaja?

Terry kirjoitti...

I'm trying to make a comment - not sure if it'll work. "Kiss my ass You lousy bitch!" There, did I properly compliment you? :) Love you, my friend!

I realized that so much of what you write about is technical and I know little about that. Plus, the Google Finnish translation is rough, at best. That is, if it even works (today it is not working for many of the pages.)

Even if I get a half-translated post, if the picture is in a newspaper, then I am unable to see a translation of that - and I don't know if the post requires that you understand what the paper is saying or if the only thing that is important is the picture in the paper.

In the more recent posts, I did understand the importance of using depth of field to help focus on what the important subject is. At least THAT was within my range of understanding! Now to see if I can figure out how to actually get this to post to your blog.

Jore Puusa kirjoitti...

Your comment is ok. Thanks.
I`m lazy, promised to make a short caption in english but but but…I should and I`ll try. Google translation is rubbish and leads to misunderstandings, finnish is really difficult to translate by a machine.
Mostly I do not write about technical, what I do is to write about wrongdoings amongst Finnish photojournalism.
So few Fins, almost all my ex colleagues do not comment , there is no conversation about problems and now we are all in the brink of WW3 so it does not feel relevant.